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Creativity and Business Innovations at Vilnius University of Applied Science

Creativity and Business Innovations at Vilnius University of Applied Science

In 2013 Business Design Center was asked to help Vilnius University of Applied Sciences develop a brand-new bachelor program focused on creativity and business development.

For 2 years we played a key role in the design of the curriculum and specific teaching materials and teacher manuscripts for the 20 ECTS creativity courses on the program. We also delivered most of the teacher competence development and teacher training in order to prepare the professors for teaching on this new program. Today Vilnius University of Applied Sciences runs the bachelor in Creativity and Business Innovations, and have started up a research focus in relation to this program including a new journal - Journal of Creativity and Business Innovation. Business Design Center is member of the editorial board of the journal. The bachelor program now also run at Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences and at Instituto Politecnico do Porto. 

The research underpinning this project explores, experiments and analyzes how creativity may be enhanced on a long-term scale through educational activities in higher education.

The impact from the collaboration with Vilnius University of Applied Science has a direct relation to the following publications:  

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