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In collaboration with Telenor, Business Design Center has focused on creating new business models on a company with a solid foundation within the Danish telecommunications industry.

This has led Telenor to participate in New Venture Creation, where Telenor visits students, who work with their business project. This have created an exciting project for the students and also an interesting benefit for the company that gets new eyes on their business and potentially new business opportunities.

The research underpinning the case study has been multisided and directed both at research ambitions and practical influence:

  • Engaging two student groups on the New Venture Creation/Corporate Entrepreneurship as beginning of long term collaboration
  • One of the student projects is currently being implemented in Telenor
  • Data has been collected and will be applied in a PhD dissertation
  • Entrepreneurial team composition – applying the newest knowledge in the field and collecting data to understand the dynamics and effects of the team
  • Understanding how students and companies add value to each other in an university-industry collaboration

The collaboration with Telenor has also lead to publish articles and research results in books and journals:

  • Building on prior knowledge in Nielsen & Cappelen (2014); Nielsen et al. (2013)
  • Building on previous knowledge regarding how Corporate Entrepreneurship is becoming an important part of business innovativeness Hill & Georgoulas (2016), Lerner (2013), Walcott & Lippitz (2007)
  • Used to create a chapter in The Routledge Companion to Intellectual Capital chapter name: “Intellectual capital management in public universities”