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The focus of the Business Model Lab is to constitute a platform for working with and simultaneously studying real world companies and real world problems. It can be used to test business model theory, create empirical data, test new ideas, solve problems for companies and much more. The Business Model Lab provides a platform for innovative forms of learning and experimenting in collaboration between students, companies, experts and researchers, so that each of these stakeholders gain more value than they would separately due to the exploitation of synergies.

At our Lab we work with companies and research organizations in a number of different ways and using different methods. Our finest job is to facilitate business model design processes throughout each project in order to get innovative ideas closer to commercialization or existing businesses closer to optimization. We have created a series of work packages for research projects designed around our key areas of expertise as well as the pressures and interests from politicians and the public to focus on the exploitation of innovation. The focal point of the activities undertaken in these work packages is our Business Model Lab. Among the themes we work with are: business models, innovation, exploitation, dissemination, and investment readiness. We use a series of tools in regard to each theme and the specific context. Among these are:

  • value proposition tools
  • customer insight generation tools
  • business model canvasses
  • actor and stakeholder maps
  • agent motivation matrices
  • no-pain-no-gain schematics
  • a business model inspiration tool
  • storytelling- and scenario-techniques
  • focused business planning
  • budgeting
  • value assessment
  • matching diamond tool
  • ready-for-funding tool
  • pitch training
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