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Christian Nielsen

Christian Nielsen is a global thought leader in the design of disruptive and scalable business models. Christian’s work combines business model design with corporate performance and benchmarking. Christian Nielsen is Research Director for the Business Design Center. He co-founded the center with Morten Lund and their research on network-based business models and University-Industry Collaboration has achieved impact on both policy and global executive level.

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Morten Lund

Morten Lund is an experienced entrepreneur and executive manager, who founded, consulted and invested in multiple ventures with disruptive business models. Morten co-founded the center with Christian Nielsen and is the Director for Business Design Center. He has a combined academic, pragmatic, and creative profile, leveraging the link between research and industry. His educational background is an Msc. in Business Economics, with specialization in organization and business strategy. Further, he holds a Ph.D. degree in Business models from the Technical Faculty at Aalborg University, Denmark.

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Christian Byrge

PhD Christian Byrge is head of creativity research at the Business Design Center, Aalborg University. For the last decade he has focused his research on the long term enhancement of creativity - how to turn creativity into a second nature through deliberate practice. Currently, Byrge is working on the design of a model for systematic development of fundamental creative skills including originality, flexibility, persuasion and perseverance. He focuses on individuals and organisations who dare putting their stakes on novel and valuable ideas.

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Kristian Brøndum Kristiansen

Kristian Brøndum Kristiansen is Assistant Manager at Business Design Center. He is a PhD Fellow focusing on the intersection between Business Model Portfolios and Corporate Innovation. He is the Project Manager for the Erasmus+ project called Academy for Creativity, a revolutionizing digital platform that trains creative competences through serious gaming. He is co-creator, lecture and supervisor at the first action-based entrepreneurship course (New Venture Creation) and intrapreneurship course (Corporate Entrepreneurship).

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Jesper C. Sort

Jesper Chrautwald Sort is an Assistant Professor at the Business Design Center, Aalborg University. His working area within BDC is involving being semester coordinator, lecturer, researcher and part of the editorial office behind Journal of Business Models. Jespers research areas are involving Business Models, Performance Management and Measurement, Management Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Investment processes and University-Industry collaborations.

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Peter Thomsen

Ph.D in Business Models and Performance Measurement. With a point of reference in his research- and entrepreneurial experience, Peter has built up expert knowledge on successful business models and how they can be created. From the initial creativity processes, to simulation and testing, to implementing and managing business models through performance benchmarking and best practice principles. Peter is also an experienced speaker and motivator on business models and keen to share his knowledge to both corporate and educational environments.

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Assistant team

Robin Roslender

Professor, University of Dundee
Email: r.roslender@dundee.ac.uk




Stefan Schaper

PhD, Assistant Professor, Aarhus University
Email: stefan.schaper@btech.au.dk




Yariv Taran

Associate Professor
Email: yariv@business.aau.dk




Romeo V. Turcan

E-mail: rvt@business.aau.dk




Francesco Paolone

Post Doctoral Fellow in Business Administration, Parthenope University of Naples
E-mail: francesco.paolone@uniparthenope.it




Marco Motemari

Collaboration Partner




Søren Hougaard

Adjungeret Professor





Study secretary

Vibeke Jørgensen

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Research secretary

Susanne H. M. Hansen 

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